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Austailias nation was formed in 1901 with the help of 6 states under one constitution.The founders of the nation believed they were creating something new.Also, they wanted to be harmomious, had ideas about human rights, and the observence of democratic procedures and the value of a secret ballot.Then from 1900 to 1914 great work was being made in developing Austrailia's agriculture and manufactoring capacities, also in setting up institutions for government and social services.

Joseph Banks was born in 1743. From an early age his passion was natural history. He was an naturalist, explorer and a fellow of the Royal Society. Also, he discovered diffrent kinds of plants we didn't know about before.

Sir Edmund Barton was born in Glebe Sydney in 1849. He was the first prime minister of Austailia to take them to their first federal election.

Betty Cuthbert was born in the year 1938, she was an olympic athlet. She won four olympic gold medals for Austrailia, with the highest number won by a track and field athlete.

Captain Arthur phillip was born on October 11, 1738. He was the first govener of New South Wales Colony.

Henry Lawson was born in 1867, on a goldfield in New South Wales. He is a poet and writer. Many people believe he was the first poet to capture Austrailian way of life.

Birthrate:12.33 births
Deathrate:6.88 deaths
Languages:English, Aboriginal languages
Government:Federal Parliament Democracy, Constitutinal Monarchy