Our goal for this assignment is to learn how to make a new page in our wiki space. We will also learn how to link it to this wiki page.

Part 1: Read the first 5 steps to learn how to create your page. If at any time you forget what to do, click on Assignment 1 on the left side of the screen and it will bring you back to this page. You may need to print this page or if you would like to remain green simply clone the page by opening a tab to this page and then toggle back and forth when necessary.

Step 1: Click on "New Page" in the top left corner.
Step 2: Type your name into the box as the title of the page.
Step 3: Hit enter or click on " ".
Step 4: On your page write a summary of your description of a good teacher. (Include as many details and descriptors as possible)
Step 5: Click on "Save." It is found in the top right and bottom right corner of your screen.

Part 2: Link Your Page. Follow steps 6-11 to link your page to this page.
Step 6: Click on "Edit this Page"
Step 7: Click on any empty box in the table below.
Step 8: On your toolbar, click on the "Insert Link" button. It looks like a world icon with a link in front of it.
Step 9: Type your name on the "Link Text" line.
Step 10: On the "Wiki Link" line, use the pull down menu until you find your name.
Step 11: Click OK.

Part 3: Add a Link to another site to your page.(Optional/ Extra Credit Step)
Step 12: Click your name in the table below to go to your page.
Step 13: When you are on your page, click on "Edit This Page".
Step 14: Go to the place on the page where you would like to insert a link.
Step 15: Click on the "Insert Link" button.
Step 16: Type the "Link Text" in the "Link Text" line.
Step 17: Click on "External Link" and type in an address.
Step 18: Click "Save"

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