Technology uses
I use a car to get place.
I use a tv to watch tv.
i use my phone to text and call people.
I use the computer to go on the internet.
I use a stove to cook things.
I use a mircrowave to heat things up.
i use a refrigorater to keep thing cold.
i Use a sraightener to straighten my hair.
I use a blow dryer to dry my hair.
i use a shower to get a shower.
I use a clock to tell the time.
i use the radio to listen to music.
i use an iron to get wrinkles out of clothes.
i use a washer to wash clothes.
I use a dryer to dry clothes.
i use my ipod to listen to music.
alarm clock to wake me up.
i use my pohone charger to charge my phone.
i use a freezer to freeze things.
i use a curlinng iron to curl my hair.