Before the Spaniards arrived, about 20 Amerindian groups comprising some 300,000 people lived in the region now called Argentina. They were mainly nomadic hunter-gatherers, although the Guardant practiced slash-and-burn agriculture.

During the early colonial period, there was little interest in Argentina. The region had no mineral wealth, and Spaniards overlooked the fertile soil and temperate climate of the region. As a result, Buenos Aires had a population of only about 25,000 at the time of the viceroy's arrival. The Spaniards could not afford to ignore Buenos Aires by the late 1700s, when the city was growing rapidly thanks to illegal trade financed by British interests. Goods were smuggled to Brazil and the Caribbean Islands. Spain worried about British and Portuguese expansion and sought to control trade and collect more taxes from the growing commerce.

Argentina and its famous people!

1. Diego- Born Buenos Aires 1971 as Diego Antonio Caccia Torres, he's an Argentina songwriter, pop singer and actor who's been nominated for several Latin Grammy Awards. He is the son of the Argentine singer Lolita Torres. His most famous and successful song is "Color Esperanza."

2. Juan Manuel Fangio- Many consider him the greatest racing driver. He was a Argentine race car driver. Juan also won five Formula One World's Driver Championships in 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, and 1957.

These are Argentina's statistics. Argentina's population is 41,769,726. It also has birthrate of 17.54. Not only its deathrate is 7.38. Argentina has many languages such as, Kaiw√°, Mapudungun, Ona, and Puelche.

Argentina's government type is a republic.

Argentina is highly influenced by Europe, and reflects this in its cuisine. In general you will find that the food here is generally a variation of Mediterranean cooking, with a large emphasis on the products that are easily grown in the area, namely beef cattle and wheat.

Some of the world's best beef comes from Argentina. The country is famous for its grass fed cattle and the gauchos who work the open range raising these animals. The meat is normally eaten with very little seasoning, using only salt to bring out the flavor of the beef. All parts of the cow are eaten, nothing going to waste. The most traditional way to eat meat in Argentina is the asado, or barbecue. Beef however is not the only meat here. It is common to have an entire body of a lamb cooked over the outdoor camp fire.

Argentina , officially the Argentine Republic , is the second largest country in South America, constituted as a federation of 23 provinces and an autonomous city, Buenos Aires.